Banquet Policies and Procedures

Thank you for your interest in hosting your function at the Polish Canadian Cultural Centre. Please find below our banquet policies and procedures.

1 BOOKING: all bookings will be considered tentative until a $1000.00 deposit is received to confirm your booking. Tentative bookings will only be held for no more than one week without a deposit.

 2 PAYMENT POLICY: full payment (based on performed service and number of actual guests) is required two weeks prior to the start of the event if paid by cheque or one week prior to the start of the event if paid by cash, draft or debit card.

  1. 3
    CANCELLATION POLICY: in the event of cancellation for any reason, the $1000.00 deposit is not refundable. All notices of cancellation must be received in writing.
  2. 4
    GUARANTEE: an estimated number of guests should be provided at the deposit payment time. The guaranteed guest numbers must be confirmed 1 week (7 days) prior to the function. If a confirmed guarantee is not received, you will be billed for the original estimated number or the number served, whichever is greater. Menus should be in place two weeks prior your function.
  3. 5
    PRICING: Prices are guaranteed upon signing of catering contract. Until the catering contract is signed, prices are subject to change.
  4. 6
    ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: Corkage bars apply to all functions where alcohol is present and the organizers must obtain a proper liquor license
  5. 7
    GRATUITY: a gratuity of 15% will be applied to the total of your final bill and G.S.T. will be added to the total invoice.
  6. 8
     DAMAGES: any damage will be charged to the person(s) in whose name the event is booked. An additional cleaning charge of $150.00 will be assessed for confetti, rice, glitter, tape residue and/or wax from candles. We assure you a first rate facility so we ask that your guests respect it and act accordingly.
  7. 9
    PERSONAL PROPERTY: the Polish Canadian Cultural Centre reserves the right to monitor all private functions. The Centre will not assume responsibility for any personal property or rented equipment brought or left behind. It is the organizer's responsibility to ensure all personal items, rented equipment and/or decorations are removed from the site immediately following the function.

  8. 10
     DECORATING: we are pleased to offer the hall at no charge on the day before your event to decorate it (based on availbility at the booking time). Please do not use any type of confetti and do not tape anything on to the walls or the dance floor using tape that leaves sticky residue (see #8).
  9. 11
     DJ/BAND: your DJ or band will be allowed to set up at/or after 2:00PM on the day of your function unless otherwise discussed. The music should end (shut down) by 1:00AM.
  10. 12
     OUTSIDE FOOD & BEVERAGES: no outside or donated food or beverages are allowed on the premises without approval of the management of the Centre. The only exception is the Wedding Cake.


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